Dianet de la C. Martínez Valdés and the SCM of Cuba team

God of Life,

Picture by: Jorge González -SCM Cuba

We come to you at all times and in all places, because we know that you are always present in our world, in our daily history.

In the midst of this global crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we recognize our fragility as human beings and with humility we intercede so that your peace and justice are done in our world. We also turn to you with grateful hearts because now you reveal yourself in multiple ways, offering hope for all of your creation.

Certainly, this virus has spread very fast and has reached us all regardless of social, racial, ethnic, geographical origin, age, ideology, sexual orientation … However, we recognize that the consequences of this reality are different for each individual, each community, each society.

The socio-political systems in which we live have generated, in some cases, attention and care for the people; but in others, the common good has not been a priority, but production and consumption at all costs, the assurance of profits, the commodification of health services, and even the circumstances has been used to accentuate xenophobia, declare wars and persist in the economic blockade against other nations, as it has been the attitude of the United States towards Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran.

We pray for all the families of those who have died from this disease and for those who are sick or at risk of contagion, especially for the most vulnerable ones: impoverished and marginalized communities, the elderly living alone, children and women victims of violence who have to stay with their aggressors at home, displaced peasants, people living in the streets, immigrants who are in the borders and those who must continue working to survive and without access to health care, young people who see their life projects postponed without economic solvency, citizens subjected to the realities of war and armed conflict, Afro-descendant populations, health personnel and all people who day by day put their lives at risk with effort and sacrifice to guarantee different social services, medical care, food, etc.

God, may your Spirit move us to love without conditions, to practice solidarity and responsibility towards the life of the other, and all of your creation. Help us, citizens and rulers, to act with wisdom, justice and humanity from every space of action we have. May violence and imperial actions are never an option, but the commitment to peace, the search for solidarity, creative and resilient solutions to face this crisis.

May we, O God, recognize your presence in the good news that have emerged from this context: the healing of nature, the return of species that seemed extinct, the oxygenation of the air, the networks of support and sorority among so many people who have given themselves mutual and selfless help, the extra time for resting, reading, caring for the family, the children, and the practice of other activities that we usually do not do because of the dynamics of study and work.

In isolation and quarantine, you have extended your sanctuary to our homes, we have made room for you in our families and in our hearts. In the readjustment of our lives, you have offered the opportunity to restore Creation and to make us more aware of the need for its care and a harmonious relationship with it.

We thank all religious organizations for their resources, prayers and accompaniment with concrete gestures that continue to make your Kingdom possible in our midst. We join the call of the High Committee of Human Fraternity to join in prayer on this day and at every moment for the current world health crisis.

We do not know when this uncertainty will end. There are many social and economic challenges that we face now and that will come in the future, but we are sure that you, God of Life, will be leading our steps so that our faith is visible in the commitment to your justice and your peace.

May it be so.